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Red Acolyte Submersible #08220 FloraLyte Pack of 10 zoom product image

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Red Acolyte Submersible #08220 FloraLyte Pack of 10

Price:  $14.95
As Low As: $14.20


Acolyte Red #08220 submersible accent light. Perfect addition to our Floral Water Beads. Use for any occasion where adding light to flowers or vases is your finishing touch! Event and wedding planners have been using these submersible tealights for years. Battery operated, and designed to sink to the bottom of your vases, the light shines up through your flowers or Floral Water to Beads.

Use to illuminate flower arrangments, brighten table settings, set off water-filled displayes, inside candle votives or anyplace where lighting accents are needed.

Acolytes Waterproof lights are available in ten colors. All you need is your imagination as to where to use them. LED bulbs last for over 60,000 hours. Batteries last 24 hours before easy replacement.