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Clear Rope Tube Lighting-Indoor/Outdoor

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Clear Rope Tube Lighting-Indoor/Outdoor

Price:  $18.95
As Low As: $18.00


Designed for indoor or outdoor use, our Rope Tube Lighting is the perfect addition for any party or other celebration where you would like to add festive lights! Put them around your windows or throughout your garden bushes or plants. The lights can be mounted on poles, fences, trees, bushes, along your sidewalks, patio rails or deck. Just use your imagination!

Whether you're a party or banquet planner or a home habbyist, you will find many applications for our Clear Rope Tube Lighting. Average bulb life is 35,000 hours. If one bulb goes out, the rest of the strand still lights up! Just over 1/2" wide and 18 feet long. LED's are placed approx. 1 inch apart with a total of 216 LEDs per strand.

Please note: PER MANUFACTURER, a maximum of 10 (ten) sections can be connected together. The light tubes should not be cut, spliced or joined together with wire nuts. A polarized plug will ensure that the connectors are hooked up correctly. Do not plug in the tubing while rolled up or coiled in the package and finally do not cross the tubing more than 4 times for maximum safety.

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